Q. What is your mission?
A. The mission of CAPITAL 90,7 is to create and distribute music programs for the people of Crete and to provide the best for our audience and our island.

Q. What do you broadcast?
A. Hot-hits music from Europe and USA and a selection also of all time classics.


Q. Where can i hear CAPITAL 90.7?
A. CAPITAL 90,7 reaches 100% of Rethymno city and 60-70% of Rethymno's region, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the 90.70 MHZ on the fm dial and through digital stereo transmitting, the only way to get a louder, punchier sound and create the most powerful sound you've ever listened to.

Q. Who listens?
A. At home, at work and in their cars nearly 70.000 greeks in the winter time and over 100.000 in the summer time including germans, italians, french, americans and from many other countries tourists in their holiday time in Rethymno. CAPITAL 90,7
reaches the largest number of hotels,health clubs,casual restaurants, lounges, bars, offices, factories, gyms and shops around Rethymno city. The station is particularly popular during office and shop hours but also is the ideal solution for drivetime listening.

Q. Which is the target group of CAPITAL 90,7 ?

A. The station's target audience is the young adult sector of the market (15 - 40) which is a high spending capacity group.These people tend to go for value and good entertainment like cinemas and restaurants.They also do go to clubs but tend to have mixed and varied choices.

Q. Why does CAPITAL 90,7 broadcast Top-Hothits music only?

A. Because we want to keep you anytime informed in real time about what is happening to the world of music worldwide

Q. Why do you play only Euro-Us music and not "greek-language" music also?

A. The most effective way to present music on the radio is to focus on a single music style and we found that this is very important also for you. On CAPITAL 90,7 you know always what music style are you going to listen to and this is what we want. We love the Euro-Us music from the eighties until now. As you understand it's not a lifestyle we choose ....we were born this way!!! But we have to say that greek electro-music is also very important to us and we often broadcast it.

Q. What is different about the way CAPITAL 90,7 presents the hits?

A. Our goal is to bring the hits before the others even heard about them. CAPITAL 90,7 plays the big hits many times daily because it's the only way for you to listen to them, to know them and to love them. CAPITAL 90,7 offers an enormous selection of cd-quality music,24/24h a day. The music consists of 80's , 90's , 00'Ss and the latest chart hits. Our music format clock is organised to keep the mix as rich and varied as possible.

Q. Who governs CAPITAL 90.7 ?
A. CAPITAL 90,7 is a private radio station founded by Petros E. Stefanakis , after many years in music sector , radio stations and broadcast experience.

Q. What is the future of CAPITAL 90,7 ?
A. CAPITAL 90,7 is serving Rethymno city from 1995 any time of day and night. Our future plans are:
more choices for our listeners,
more contact with you,
more powerful transmittion,
a complete digital signal on the air (DAB),
remain programmatically and technologically competitive in the marketplace