Our music on CAPITAL 90,7 is one of the most important things to care.We deliver in fully digital sound timeless tracks. We specialsise in POP / MODERN ROCK / DANCE / R & B/ HOTHITS / TOP-40 music which now getting major air play... always up-to-date hits. Smash music that top the current charts, mixed with the best of the 80's and just a touch of classic oldies. A super-hot encyclopedia of music on your radios and today's answer to your acoustic needs.

CAPITAL 90,7 brings you a complete control of your audio atmosphere with CD-quality music 24 hours a day with no interruptions, giving you music the way it was meant to be listened to.

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From mild to wild, CAPITAL 90,7 provides the acoustic ambiance that can transform your mood, soothe your soul, or set you off on a thrill peaking ride.

Do you wish you were more in-tune with the latest songs?..with us you can surround yourself with a very big mixure of the latest hits and artists. Over the weekends the emphasis is on a variety of all time dance tracks.

So, give us your time and your attention and we offer to you big stars,big hits and good times. We don't have radio shows every hour.....we just have one and only program.......music ALL THE TIME !!!!